B2B Digital Marketing Trends 2018

B2B Digital Marketing Trends 2018

B2B marketing trends for 2018 as regards content writing

How B2B marketing trends for 2018 



When considering B2B marketing trends for 2018 as regards content writing is a very essential tool to promote all landing pages and post pages of an SEO friendly website incorporating a social media campaign, social media marketing, content writer service and a B2B marketing strategy as to mask your content as to be indexed by Google and appropriately fetched without a crawl error where all webmaster tools shows that your info graph  are ascending as a result of quality qualified content of which you should avoid sneaking into other peoples website to obtain content which are not yours. Start writing your own content strategy to aid B2B marketing content strategy, let me explain bellow on how to start an appropriate B2B marketing strategy that would trend your content on all search engine tools.

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  • The Research Process

Deliver to your niche

Have you written a centralized content before? If yes how was the response of your target market in relation to the topic discussed, If No, let me take you through the process of how to write a content for B2B content writing for your business as to create an appropriate communication channel that would create an inter personal communication instead of an intra personal communication. (B2B marketing trends for 2018)

Now the responsive step to take in the aspect of starting up an SEO content writing service as to enhance B2B marketing, you must understand you are writing to;

Create an appeal

Pose a gesture and

Enact a system.

You must know what you want to write, how you want to write it and who you are writing it for of which it states that you must pick  a class where you want to teach a specific topic like math’s, English, commerce etc. But in B2B marketing you look at niche as a class for entertainment, news, lifestyle, automobile, etc…

Focus On a Target Market

B2B marketing and its  content structure trends is recognized with a target market of specified and varied users that concentrate their message and convey it through a specified channel where interpersonal feedback is the order of an existing conversation through emails or commenting .

Consistent Style Sheet

According to Artificial intelligence of computers today it brings out options where we can make changes to our write ups and content. Having a consistent style in the use of keywords, approach to context, choice of words, and the use of graphic illustrated images, Tells a content writer who reads your post that there is a communication flow in your post style sheet which appeals to a concentrated target market. (B2B marketing trends for 2018)

Content Closure

Have you closed your B2B content marketing message campaign with a “CALL TO ACTION” like share now, like now, comment bellow, click the link bellow ? after every concluding paragraph of which must be passive must have a call to action as to create a business proceedings through a well digested content.


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  • The Creative Process


In B2B marketing strategy, we must consider that a common principle as to trend right on Google is to use, responsive, attractive and a compelling headline which have a short or a long tail keywords as to attract audience in your target market, using various headers as;

Header 1 (Main title)

Header 2 (Sub heading)

And so on like H3, H4, H5, H6, P, Breadcrump etc… this heading signifies various attributes by and web developer as to tell the search engine which is your main headline and others are subordinate in your various paragraphs of which is also relating to both your pages and your post pages.


Keywords are divided into two as short and long tail keywords. Example;

“Business” – Short Keywords

“B2B Marketing trends 2018” – Long Tail Keywords

“Multi-Level Marketing” – Long Tail Keywords

Keywords are very essential of which keywords can be sorted out according to your niche by various digital tools like Ubersuggest, LSI Graph, Google trend, Google keywords planner. This tool helps you plan your keywords for your content with existing content on the search engine and gives you an info graph of trending keywords relating to your niche on Google. You can place keywords using this planner,

At the beginning of content post/pages

Middle of content post/pages

End of content post/pages which should be used 4-5 times in your content. (B2B marketing trends for 2018)

Tags and Categories

The use of tags and categories works alongside with your post content and it should have a connection with your keyword, content title, and content context. Tags and categories are very logical because Google use this to crawl into your content as to index it, so be conversant with this when applying for tags and categories which must be in relation to your niche, and must not me much of which might cause crawling errors, so make it short, simple and plain but at least 4-5 categories, 3-4 tags.


images B2B Digital Marketing Trends 2018

  • The Selling Process

Search Engine Marketing

The search engine is a Multi-level marketing of which is categorized into organic and inorganic searches using search engine optimization tools like, social media marketing or social media campaigns (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp etc), email marketing, seo tool kit, mobile usability, baclinks, indexing etc.. Of which without digital marketing tools B2B marketing process for content writing is not completed. (B2B marketing trends for 2018)



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